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Zakynthos is one of the most beautiful islands of Greece. There are plenty of beautiful bays and wonderful sandy beaches crystal clear water and the breathtaking caves Today, travelers enjoy Zante for its hospitable environment and civilization as well.

The rich and varied marine life in Zakynthos includes octopus, barracuda, moray eels, large grouper, tuna, giant loggerhead turtles (Caretta Caretta), crayfish, langusta, white bream, bluefish, dolphin fish, greater amberjacks, parrotfish and a multitude of other colourful reef fish. The average surface temperature of the water is 27°C, and with crystal clear waters with a visibility ranging from 20-40 meters, these conditions offer ideal opportunities for underwater videography and photography, as well as very pleasant recreational diving! Our scuba diving team and the fullest professional facilities of ours can offer you the chance to take diving courses or participate in daily diving journeys. The most famous and proper diving place in the island is the southern part of the island, resort Limni Keri.

Sailing-Zakynthos-Greece-24-225x300Sailing trips

Embark on a beautiful sailing boat at Zakynthos harbour or at the nearest beach to your residence on request. Sail cast ward along the wonderful green area of Vassilikos. Sail along Cape Gerakas towards Keri (the far of Laganas bay). At Keri we visit the blue Caves. Enjoy swimming or explore the cliffs of Keri and return to the small harbour at Lake Keri for lunch in a Greek tavern.

Having the right spirit and hope for favourable winds we cross the bay of Lagana and stop at one of the two uninhabited islands Marathonissi for o quick dip and Pelouzo befosetting course towards Zakynthos Harbour. Duri ng spring and autumn in windy condition we suggest you are equipped with the necessary windproof garments.


alogo-1-gHorse Riding – Walks with horses in Zante's beautiful nature

Do you like horse riding? Do you want to try or to learn a new sport?. Our expert trainers are ready to guide you and to introduce you into the unique world of horses. We can offer you the unique chance to ride in the fantastic region of Kalamaki, along the wonderful sandy beach and the crystal blue waters. Combine your holidays with the wonderful sport of riding. The level of your acquaintance with riding does not matter. The important thing is the love and respect you feel about this wonderful animal, as well for your willing to learn.



This is a unique chance to explore the island of Zante. The week consists of 5 walks on different regions of the island conquering the most important peaks that will give us the opportunity to get a view of almost the entire island.
The itineraries will include 3 to 4 hours walking (8 to 14 Km) of low to medium difficulty with a lunch break at a local taverna (Greek restaurant) where we can try local specialties or picnic in the open. During our excursions we will have the chance to visit locations of different interest.We'll see the change in countryside between the flat farming land of the east and compare it with the mountainous west. See how high and steep the cliffs are on the West Coast while enjoy a great swim on some of the finest beaches on the east. We'll also pass through some of the most colorful and picturesque villages of the island. From the top of mount Skopos we'll enjoy the 360-degree view of half of the island.
We'll also have the chance to participate in the environmental educational program organized by W.W.F. on the Mediterranean monk seal (monachus monachus) and the sea turtle (careta careta).

Mountain bike

Come to enjoy a unique experience with your mountain bike.Limni Keri, the lighthouse of Keri, bright green Vassilikos, the foothill of Skopos – there are plenty of choices. Our expert collaborators will help you to follow the most beautiful journeys of Zante. There are trips for all levels,so that all of you can enjoy the beauty of the island combining it with your favourite activity.
We have created mixed journeys in woody roads with a slight gradient leading you to most beautiful and wild regions of Zante. Thus, with your bike, or a bike that we shall provide to you, you can participate in our campaigns, meet exquisite regions, learn basic elements about riding a mountain bike, a sport that is rapidly expanding. Possibility of combining the athletic exercise with excursions in the beauties of the mountains and the sea.


We invite you to come and play on Zante's premier tennis courts.
Our three clay courts are situated within a superb club and are available for all to hire. The club house facilities include:


  • Indoor Bar Serving Drinks & Snacks
  • Outdoor Seating Area
  • Children Play Area
  • Table Tennis Table
  • Quality Equipment Shop

Lessons are available for all ages and skill levels. Train with our qualified tennis instructor.



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